South Shore Sea Burials Inc.
Sea Burials for your Loved Ones with Dignity and Compassion

Burial at sea has been a custom practiced throughout history by many civilizations. It is a timeless ritual that provides a dignified, simple service in a spiritual comforting setting. Today the dissemination of cremains at sea is a modern continuation of this timeless tradition and is endorsed by state and federal government as well as environmentalists. South Shore Sea Burials Inc. offers the scattering of cremated human and pet remains off the coast of Long Island, New York.

South Shore Sea Burials Inc.
PO Box 511
Point Lookout NY 11569
Tel: 866 722-6201; 516 857-1159; 516 369-0032

South Shore Sea Burials Inc. performs professional Ash Scattering At Sea Memorial Services of Human and Pet cremated remains in the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island, N.Y. Our service include Attended, Unattended and Jones Beach Inlet Viewings. Fully Licensed and Insured.
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