New York State Funeral Directors Association
The NYSFDA website was developed for both consumers and the New York State Funeral Directors Association Membership.

Our goal is to...

Answer frequently asked questions about arranging and prearranging funerals; cremation/burial options; Medicaid issues; consumer's rights pertaining to funerals and preplanning; death and funeral statistics; casket purchasing; and issues regarding embalming and viewing their deceased.

Provide a searchable listing of our membership to assist when looking for a funeral home in New York State.

Provide resources for dealing with grief and bereavement.

Provide information on funeral service as a career.

Provide detailed information on association and industry specific activities to NYSFDA members.


The New York State Funeral Directors Association Mission:
To enhance the environment in which our members operate and to promote the highest standards of funeral service to the public.

Founded in 1889, NYSFDA is the oldest funeral directors association in the United States and is headquartered in Albany, New York.

Who are our members?
Membership in NYSFDA is available to any funeral firm licensed by the State of New York as well as all funeral directors, undertakers, embalmers or residents licensed by the State of New York who are owners, partners or employees of a New York State licensed funeral firm. Currently representing close to 800 funeral firms in New York State.

What do our members receive?

* Communications - which include a monthly newsletter, industry information and compliance materials, and a fax broadcasting system to alert members of issues needing immediate action.

* Education - that includes mandatory annual OSHA training, an annual convention and tradeshow, regional meetings once a year and sessions to explain new laws or changes in funeral service as they occur.

* Government Affairs Program - that involves active lobbying and grassroots networking with members at the local level and liaison with legislators and the regulatory agencies.

* PrePlan - is the industry leader in preneed trust fund management with 100% compliance with all state laws and regulations offering complete security for both consumers and funeral directors.

* Directors Choice Credit Union - a state credit union designed specifically to provide quality financial services unique to the funeral directing industry.

* Website Presence - we provide a listing on the association's website in a consumer searchable database.

For membership information, contact NYSFDA at 518-452-8230 or e-mail to:

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